Choose Your Own Adventure in 2016!

The Penguin Run committee is happy to announce that our 5K runners will once again have a decision to make when they cross our finish line in 2016. Rather than provide every finisher of our 5K Road Race with a finisher’s medal, we will provide you with a choice: any runner who wanted a medal should take one, and be proud of their race! Runners who would prefer to celebrate their achievement without a medal are welcome to take a pass on receiving one, and opt to have the Penguin Run to make a donation towards the purchase of a Sparks Fly stationary bike on your behalf. Bling or benevolence: you choose your own adventure. All of our Youth Run participants will continue to receive a medal.

Sparks Fly bikes are silent, stationary cycles that are placed in classrooms to provide students an outlet for their energy, and allow them to better focus their attention. With this initiative, the Penguin Run will be donating a Sparks Fly bike to an elementary school in East Hants. In 2015, we were fortunate to partner with the Municipality of East Hants, and delivered two bikes to local schools: both Enfield and Elmsdale elementary received one. We will apply for this funding again in 2016, and hopefully again be able to secure two bikes!

Penguin Twins

The ‘Penguin Twins’, our two Sparks BrainBikes, are now in East Hants! One little bike is visiting our sponsor Enfield PharmaChoice before heading over to Enfield Elementary. The bike destined for Elmsdale Elementary is spending some time at our sponsor Strides, looking up at all the fully grown spin bikes!

Thanks again to our sponsors, the Municipality of East Hants, and all the Penguin Run participants for making this happen!

IMG_0216 IMG_0217

2015 Penguin Run Results!

We wrapped up another festive Penguin Run!

The 5K Results can be found at:

The Youth Run Results are posted here. The tots/tykes run is not timed. Please note that the spreadsheets have multiple tabs to help further sort the runners:

PR 15 Mosquitoes

PR 15 Peewee

PR 15 Final Wave

Thanks for joining us in 2015! We will post pics in the days ahead.

2015 Race Day Details!

Hello racers, runners, and walkers – the Penguin Run is almost here! We look forward to seeing you this Saturday morning. Here are some details to help ensure your Penguin Run experience is amazing!

Race kit pick-up: If you registered for the run after Sunday, May 24th, or did not have an opportunity to make it to early kit pick up, bib and t-shirt pick-up will be available at the Lion’s Den on Saturday morning beginning at 7:00 am, ending at 8:15 am for 5K runners. The bib and t-shirt pick-up will continue throughout the morning for youth runners. Please check the approximate youth schedule below, and ensure you arrive in plenty of time to collect these goodies prior to race time.

Parking: The youth run will be held on site on the trails at the Enfield Lion’s Den (162 Old Enfield Road, Enfield), and the 5K will start and finish at the Lion’s Den. Parking is limited at the Lion’s Den; all participants will not be able to park on site. The parking lot at the Lion’s Den will be open on a first come, first serve basis on Saturday morning. Please note that access to the parking lot will be shut down completely from 8:15 to 9:30, as the 5K race uses the Lion’s Den entrance as race start/finish. Please do not park in the lot if you have to depart prior to 9:30.

There is parking available nearby at the following locations: (a) the wide shoulder of the northbound lane of the Old Enfield Road (the southbound shoulder, the side nearest the Lion’s Den, MUST be kept clear for the safety of our 5K runners). If you park along the Old Enfield Road, please ensure you are completely off the paved road, with all four tires on gravel. Please do not block access to the water fill station, currently under construction (b) Approximately 300m north of the Lion’s Den is Mayflower Drive, which has a side street Cranberry Court. Cranberry Court is connected to the Lion’s Den field by a rough path that runs along a drainage ditch between lots 8 and 9 on the Court’s cul-de-sac. Parking along Mayflower Drive and Cranberry Court provide an excellent off-road shortcut to the Lion’s Den – but a quick scramble through a gravel ditch is required.

There will be no shuttle in 2015. Carpooling is highly recommended!

Start times: The 5K begins at 8:30, from the entrance to the Lion’s Den. The roads are not closed to traffic, so please be aware of vehicles while running. The youth run begins at 9:30am. It will be run in waves, by age group, to allow for smaller groups of similarly aged children to run together.  See more detailed information on waves below.

Medals: The Penguin Run is happy to announce that we will provide choice at the finish line of our 5K Road Race. Runners who want a medal should take one, and be proud of their race! Runners who would prefer to celebrate their achievement without a medal are welcome to take a pass on receiving one, and opt to have the Penguin Run to make a donation towards the purchase of a SparkBrainBike on their behalf. On one side of our finish chute, volunteers will be passing out medals. On the opposite side, volunteers will have stickers to attach to your bib, indicating your support of the bike. The bike will be donated to the elementary school in East Hants that has the highest level of participation in our Youth Run. All of our Youth Run participants will continue to receive a medal. A donation jar will be available on site for those wishing to contribute more toward the purchase of a bike.

Awards: Awards for the 5K will be presented at approximately 9:45. The youth run will have awards presented throughout the morning, following the various waves, with the exception of the Tykes wave which is strictly participation based (all Tykes will receive a participation medal).

Youth Run Information:   The youth run will be run on the trails behind the Lion’s Den by waves based on age category.  For those unfamiliar with the course, there will be a walk through starting at 9:00am.  In addition, there will be course marshals along the course to direct runners during each wave. Each wave will take approximately 30 minutes.  It is highly recommended that runners plan to be on site at least one hour prior to the approximate start time of their wave.

Penguin Run 2015 – Youth Run Waves and Start Times

Wave Number Category        Year of Birth      Distance Approximate Start Time
1 Tykes 2010 and higher 750m (1 loop) 9:30am
2 Mosquito 2008, 2009 1.5km (2 loops) 10:00am
3 PeeWee 2006, 2007 1.5km (2 loops) 10:30am
4 Bantam



2004, 2005

2001 – 2003

2000 and older

1.5km (2 loops) 11:00am

Each youth runner will receive a medal at the finish line.  In addition, a small award ceremony will occur at the end of each wave to recognize the top 3 male and top 3 female finishers in each age category within waves 2 – 5.

Mmmm… Food. AND massage! There will be delicious food prepared by Cup of Soul café available for all runners post run in the building at the Lion’s Den. There will also be post run massage therapy offered on site by the professionals at Strides Spa & Wellness Centre.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning!!