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Race day details!

Hello racers, runners, and walkers – the Penguin Run is almost here!  We look forward to seeing you this Saturday morning. Here are some details to help ensure your Penguin Run experience is amazing!

Race kit pick-up: If you registered for the run after Sunday, May 28th, or do not have an opportunity to make it to early kit pick up, bib and t-shirt pick-up will be available at the Lion’s Den on Saturday morning beginning at 7:00 am, ending at 8:15 am for 5K runners. The bib and t-shirt pick-up will continue throughout the morning for youth runners. Please check the approximate youth schedule below, and ensure you arrive in plenty of time to collect these goodies prior to race time. Information on early kit pick-up is available here:

Parking: The youth run will be held on site on the trails at the Enfield Lion’s Den (162 Old Enfield Road, Enfield), and the 5K will start and finish at the Lion’s Den. Parking is limited at the Lion’s Den; all participants will not be able to park on site.  The parking lot at the Lion’s Den will be open on a first come, first serve basis on Saturday morning. Please note that access to the parking lot will be shut down completely from 8:15 to 9:30, as the 5K race uses the Lion’s Den entrance as race start/finish. Please do not park in the lot if you have to depart prior to 9:30.

There is parking available nearby at the following locations: (a) the wide shoulder of the northbound lane of the Old Enfield Road (the southbound shoulder, the side nearest the Lion’s Den, MUST be kept clear for the safety of our 5K runners). If you park along the Old Enfield Road, please ensure you are completely off the paved road, with all four tires on gravel.  Please do not block access to the water fill station  (b) Approximately 300m north of the Lion’s Den is Mayflower Drive, which has a side street Cranberry Court. Cranberry Court is connected to the Lion’s Den field by a new gravel path connected to the the Court’s cul-de-sac. Parking along Mayflower Drive and Cranberry Court provide an excellent shortcut to the Lion’s Den. Carpooling is highly recommended!

Start times: The 5K begins at 8:30, from the entrance to the Lion’s Den. The roads are not closed to traffic, so please be aware of vehicles while running. The youth run begins at 9:30am. It will be run in waves, by age group, to allow for smaller groups of similarly aged children to run together.  See more detailed information on waves below.

Medals: The Penguin Run is happy to announce that we will provide choice at the finish line of our 5K Road Race. Runners who want a medal should take one, and be proud of their race! Runners who would prefer to celebrate their achievement without a medal are welcome to take a pass on receiving one, and opt to have the Penguin Run make a donation towards the purchase of running equipment for local area schools.  If you would like to support the donation to our schools, simply do not accept a medal at the finish line. All of our Youth Run participants will receive a medal at their finish line.

Awards: Awards for the 5K will be presented at approximately 9:45. The youth run will have awards presented throughout the morning, following the various waves, with the exception of the Tykes wave which is strictly participation based (all Tykes will receive a participation medal, but they are not timed).

Youth Run Information:   The youth run will be run on the trails behind the Lion’s Den by waves based on age category.  For those unfamiliar with the course, there will be a walk through starting at 9:00am.  In addition, there will be course marshals along the course to direct runners during each wave. Each wave will take approximately 30 minutes.  It is highly recommended that runners plan to be on site at least one hour prior to the approximate start time of their wave.

Penguin Run 2017 – Youth Run Waves and Start Times

1 Tykes 2012 and higher  9:30am
2 Mosquito 2010, 2011 10:00am
3 PeeWee 2008, 2009 10:30am
4 Bantam



2006, 2007

2003 – 2005

2002 and lower


Each youth runner will receive a medal at the finish line.  In addition, a small award ceremony will occur at the end of each wave to recognize the top 3 male and top 3 female finishers in each age category within waves 2 – 4.

Mmmm… Food. There will be delicious food prepared by Cup of Soul Café available for all runners post run in the building at the Lion’s Den.

Speaking of food, we will also be collecting food bank donations on behalf of the Shu-Mil & Hardwoodlands 4H Clubs, who are holding a community food drive for the Shumilack Food Bank and the Caring & Sharing Food Bank. We welcome any and all food items and donations!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning!!

Early Kit Pick Up

This is a quick note for participants who were registered for the 2017 Penguin Run by Sunday, May 28th: your race kits will be available for early pick-up! Race T-Shirts and bibs are will be ready for pick up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (until 5pm on Friday) this week. If you are able to pick up your kit this week, there is no registration required on Saturday morning – just show up with your bib and run (or walk)! If you are not able to pick up your race kit by Friday, don’t worry: it will be at the race site on Saturday morning. If you registered on Monday the 29th or later, your kits will only be available race morning.

The Youth Run kits will be available at our Platinum Sponsor: the Enfield PharmaChoice. Please do some of your shopping while picking up race kits, and show support for a long time sponsor of the Penguin Run. Please see their website for operating hours, location and Advice for Life!

The 5K Run kits will be available at our Platinum Sponsor: Strides Heath and Fitness Club. Sneak a peek at their amazing facilities when you pick up your kit. Operating hours, location and more available at:

Full race morning details will be sent in a second email later this week. Parking, schedule, FAQ – all of these details and more will be shared prior to race day!

Your chance to give back!

Hey runners & walkers!

You may know that the Penguin Run is 100% volunteer driven. The team behind the event donates their time to give back to the community, and to give back to the sport of running – a pursuit that has given us so much!

Our participants over the years have also been very generous. A few years ago, we introduced the concept of ‘bling or benevolence’. We encourage all of our 5K participants to receive a finisher’s medal if they value it. However, if the medal is simply going to be added an overfull junk drawer, consider passing on receiving a finisher’s medal, and the Penguin Run will make a donation on your behalf! Over the last two years, this has allowed us to deliver eight Sparks Fly stationary bikes to area schools. This year, we will continue to contribute to area schools, but shift our focus to replacing some of the old, tired equipment of the cross country and track teams that represent our middle school and high school. All of our Youth Run participants will receive a medal; the choice of taking or leaving a medal is left to our 5K participants.

We will also be collecting food bank donations on behalf of the Shu-Mil & Hardwoodlands 4H Clubs, who are holding a community food drive for the Shumilack Food Bank and the Caring & Sharing Food Bank. We welcome any and all food items and donations!

A last note on giving back – we can’t pass up an opportunity to thank our sponsors! Enfield Pharmachoice and Strides Health and Fitness have been wonderful partners over the years; their generosity allows us to operate this event. The Enfield, Elmsdale & District Lion’s Club provide us a fantastic venue each year. Payzant Home Hardware is lending us event tents, and Ritchie Gilby Construction generously donated the gravel to keep our Youth Run trails in great shape! What a community we are a part of!

May 28th – early kit pick up deadline

Race day is quickly approaching! For our runners and walkers that register by May 28th, we will have an early kit pick up available on May 31st, June 1st and June 2nd. You’ll have your t-shirt and bib (including timing bib for 5K) in advance, making for a smooth race morning.

Our Youth Runners will be able to pick up their race kit at the Enfield Pharmachoice; and our 5K runners will be able to pick up their race kits at Strides Health and Fitness.

If registering after May 28th, you’ll only be able to pick up your race kits on race morning. Remember, online registration only!