Monthly Archives: April 2015

Finish Line Options

The Penguin Run has been a proud race on the Run Nova Scotia Series for years. Recently, a post on the Run Nova Scotia Facebook page caught our attention. There was debate about the right amount of ‘bling’: the goodies, such as t-shirts and medals, which accompany a race. We were happy to see one poster recognize the Penguin Run for the great value that we strive to deliver: t-shirt, medal and tasty eats at a low cost. We are able to deliver this package due to our wonderful sponsors, Enfield Pharmachoice and Strides Health & Fitness Club, coupled with being an entirely volunteer run event.

The post was a great example of the varying level of importance individual runners place on medals. Some runners choose to display their medals proudly to celebrate their accomplishment. Others have a dusty shoebox where they choose to store their medals. We understand this is a personal choice, and the theme that emerged from the post was just that: a desire for options.

The Penguin Run is happy to announce that we will begin to provide choice at the finish line of our 5K Road Race. Runners who want a medal should take one, and be proud of their race! Runners who would prefer to celebrate their achievement without a medal are welcome to take a pass on receiving one, and opt to have the Penguin Run to make a donation towards the purchase of a SparkBrainBike on their behalf. Bling or benevolence: your race, your choice!

SparkBrainBikes are silent, stationary cycles that are placed in classrooms to provide students an outlet for their energy, and hopefully allow them to focus their attention. With this initiative, the Penguin Run will be donating a SparkBrainBike to the elementary school in East Hants that has the highest level of participation in our Youth Run. All of our Youth Run participants will continue to receive a medal.